Dr. Karen W. Royer


Dr. Karen W. Royer’s office is at 4408 Spicewood Springs Road which is Spicewood Professional Offices, located one block west of Mesa.

Karen worked at Crossroads Counseling Associates, in 2007 and continued to work there until October 2011. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas. Karen holds a second Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M specializing in creativity and intelligence. She also obtained a Certificate from the George Bush School of Public Affairs in addition to becoming a Certified Graphologist.

Karen’s post-doctoral work includes her Certification in EMDR training, for working with victims of trauma. She has trained in Gottman Marriage Level II, Sand Tray Therapy and Motivation Interviewing. More recently, Karen has been studying the effects of shame and living life from the heart as well as Internal Family Systems. She enjoys working with couples to strengthen their marriages and adults and children to help them obtain the tools to navigate through life. Karen is a member of the group ALLIES which is an activist organization in Austin working to stop violence against women and sexual human trafficking in Texas.

Karen works with individuals and couples on such topics as domestic violence, sexual assault, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, situational anxiety and other life crises. She attended seminary at Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle to study Spiritual Direction. Most recently she has become a Certified Trauma Professional and holds a membership in the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP).

Karen is a veteran group leader having taught many different groups over the years. Most recently, she taught the Me, Myself & Lies series, Whole Hearted Living and The Wounded Heart. Karen also enjoys teaching at the University level and has taught at Texas A&M and St. Edward’s University.

Karen has written two books: Royers Round Top Café: A Relational Odyssey and her second book: Random Thoughts. She is currently working on a third book, The Restored Heart, which deals with sexual abuse and recovery.

Since 1987, Karen’s family has owned and operated, the Texas institution, the Royers Round Top Café in Round Top Texas. Karen’s husband, Bud (the Pieman), is her biggest supporter. Karen and Bud are blessed with four wonderful children, seven precious grandchildren and future therapy dog, Bevo, which together, create the pinnacle of happiness for Karen. She also has been practicing the fine art of marriage for over 40 years.